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Who is Michael Phi?

👋 What's up world. My name is Michael and I'm an AI engineer that built one of the best speech recognition service in the world. I like to learn and just make shit. I am constantly trying to understand the world around me and this blog and my YouTube channel is a creative outlet for me to do so while sharing my learnings with you all. I hope to share by first struggling to understand complex concepts, then finding a way to clearly explain it.


🧑‍🎓 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science. This process took me 8 long years (I know wtf right?), which I felt I learned very little. I bounced around from a business major to mechanical engineering, to electrical engineer, and settled on computer science. Fun fact, the legendary programmer John Carmack, received an honorary Ph.D. during my graduation ceremony. I guess you can say I graduated with John Carmack. During these 8 long years of college, I've started and failed on two separate technology product startups, but built a fairly successful technology consulting company, that's still running to this day (though I am currently not a part of it anymore). Building and failing, and trying again, kick-started my lifestyle of making and destroying.

🤖 During my final semester of college, I convinced a voice assistant startup to take a chance on me to build machine learning applications for their voice assistant product. I had no professional experience in AI besides a some personal projects and a couple of courses I took in college that I probably got C's in. That's where I dove deep into the machine learning rabbit hole (pun intended). I learned to build a bunch of cool stuff at the AI startup from intent classification models to conversational chatbots, but most notably a speech synthesis engine that sounds fairly good if I have said so myself.

🦾 After almost 2 awesome years at the AI voice assistant startup, I was recruited as a machine learning research engineer at an early-stage startup that's building speech recognition technology with deep learning. To emphasize how small we were, I was the third member of the startup. My job was to build out the best and most accurate speech recognition technology, period. I am proud to say that as a small team with limited resources combined with persistence and grit, we've built speech recognition technology that outperforms big tech giants like AWS, Google, and Microsoft! Unbelievable right? See it for yourself.

🌎 Currently, I am still a machine learning research engineer that's starting to create more content for the world. My journey has been very unconventional, and I intend to keep it that way. My adventure has just begun, and I hope to make a lot of cool and useful shit while inspiring many along the way. Thanks for reading.

If you want to stay up to date on my content, link up with me via Twitter or my YouTube channel, where I'll push content updates whenever they are available.